Commitment To South Africa




The South African Government is committed to the growth and empowerment of BEE companies within the South African ICT industry. Spectrum Business Solutions would like to be recognized as a key player within this environment, by undertaking projects within the public and private sector.

In exchange for the Government’s investment in our company, we will ensure that we render high quality, cost effective services and solutions, by utilizing industry best practices and methodologies, while supporting the developmental objective of the ICT Charter.

The key to successfully achieving the IT Solution Delivery business objectives is to build an IT Solution Delivery organization that will effectively uses its technology, people, and business processes in a duplicable way and fully engage its core strengths.  At a tactical level, this empowers the organizational group to respond quickly to change and thus ensures its success.

We will use our core management services as the only interface for all formal communication with our clients for purposes of business development, We must ensure that we build a core competency in terms of subject matter experts in the related fields of OSS Development, Business Intelligence, Geographic Information Systems, Enterprise Content Management, Knowledge and Information Management.

We will source these skills from local tertiary institutions and mentor graduates into positions where they will eventually be groomed into management and leadership of these competency areas and where management share-options will be made available as retainers.  This will support and develop the skills within the ICT area with committed results through ownership.