Vision and Mission



To provide a cost effective business and ICT related solutions to South African public and private sector, by leveraging on industry best practices and breed of technological solutions aligned to the private sector and governments developmental priorities.

Whilst ensuring growth and sustainability of our organizational assets, promoting and contributing to the economic and skills development of the South African ICT industry.


  • Ensure that services rendered to clients are of a high quality
  • Ensure client satisfaction through honouring delivery commitments on time
  • Continuously conduct research and testing on new technologies that support public sector performance
  • Maintain sustainability and profitability of our organization through planned growth and sustainable business growth opportunities
  • Develop partnerships with leading ICT players within other developing countries
  • Acquire, distribute and support niche technology offerings
  • Position, maintain and grow the brand as a niche private and public sector consulting service
  • Maintain the values of transparency and openness and integrity through all our business dealings.

Our goals are to

  • Fully satisfy customer requirements by delivering best value products and services, Execute the strategy, guidelines, principles and standards defined within the South African business.
  • Use performance metrics to drive best business practices and achieve high quality results.
  • Optimize the mix of our permanent and contractor workforce
  • Alignment and realisation of the Governments vision.
  • Embrace continuous learning for our workforce to ensure critical, high quality skill sets.